Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Fino en Rama Saco 2021
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Gonzalez Byass Tio Pepe Fino en Rama Saco 2021

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Tio Pepe En Rama - En Rama, originally conceived to be drunk young is now being acknowledged as a sherry that lasts and improves in the bottle over a few years. This is a must try for all En Rama officionados as ther are not many oportunities to taste this vintage once matured.
2021 - This special limited bottling of the pure unfiltered and unclarified Tio Pepe en Rama is the 12th edition from Gonzalez Byass. For this vintage, award winning Master  Blender Antonio Flores, selected the release from just 82 of the over 30,000 casks in the Tio Pepe Solera making it a truly special release.
The albariza soil and the flor etch the Gonzalez Byass style into every bottle: finesse, delicacy, elegance, strength and potency. Wild, unfiltered en Rama. The purest expression of the vine and the winery, of origin and ageing. From the cask to the glass,  the 2021 of Tio Pepe en Rama is #LivingFlor. Under the shelter of the century-old cellars, the layer of flor covering and protecting the wine managed to remain intact, healthy, robust and intense right through a rainy autumn and a cold wet winter imbuing the Tio Pepe en Rama 2021 with an incredibly delicate character.
Pale gold in colour, this wine has a slight cloudiness from the presence of flor. On the nose it is powerful and fragrant, displaying notes of chalk, talcum powder, iodine and salt in perfect harmony with hints of nuts, chamomile, lemon and fresh yeast. Complex on the palate, it is fresh dry, brimming with flavour, salty and slightly bitter. The intensity and depth of flavour of Tio Pepe en Rama 2021 make it a wine that is best drunk with food and is ideal to pair with fish, seafood, vegetables, cured meats, spicy food and rice dishes.

Serve well chilled in a white wine glass.
15% abv

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