Fresh Oysters - 12 Large
    Fresh Oysters - 12 Large

Fresh Oysters - 12 Large

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One of the finest delicacies of the seas!

Our oysters come the fresh clean waters of the North of Scotland, where the Atlantic meets the North Sea, where fast tides rich in nutrients wash continually over the oyster providing beds twice a day.

We are sure the remote, wild and unspoilt nature of the area in which they are grown and the wild seas, fresh environment and at times extremely harsh climate of Cape Wrath all help to contribute to our oysters’ uniquely fresh, clean and wonderfully briny flavours, and creamy texture.

Weather, mineral content of the water, salinity, tidal exchange of the water in which they grow, and the care with which the oysters are handled all make a difference to the taste.  

To savour the oyster chew it a couple of times when you eat it, this will expand the flavours in your mouth and pay due respect to the oyster.

Oysters are nutritious and flavourful, a great treat and a great way to start a party or meal.

Words used to describe our oysters include sweet, plump, creamy texture, clean taste, fresh briny flavour, a sweet finish – and we are particularly pleased whenever we hear they are the best oysters ever!

Serve fresh oysters in their opened shells, chilled, on a bed of ice. They look stunning and the shell is all part of the experience, and theatre, of oyster eating. 

The liquor in the shell is intrinsic to the flavour of an oyster but if there is too much then pour a little out. Eat them as they are or with just a dash of sauce - the simpler the better.  Don’t be frightened to chew the oyster to enhance its flavour and the experience. 

Oysters are also fabulous lightly cooked, and cooking them can be a nice way to encourage people to try them for the first time!

For more suggestion on how to serve and enjoy our oysters visit our recipes pages here.

Serve with 

Cava or a chilled glass of white wine.

Beer goes well with oysters in a cocktail or hot sauce.


Your oysters will be shipped directly from the farm. They will be packed well and should be fine on delivery.  If the oysters are closed and not leaking or dry they are alive and good.  

They will have nine days’ shelf life from date of harvest which is the date of dispatch. This is on the Health Certificate which is enclosed with each order.

The parcels are packed with frozen gel packs - oysters themselves don't want to be frozen but kept cool, not over-chilled and dispatched Tracked 24. They should be refrigerated immediately upon delivery. We will not ship on a Friday or at the weekend.

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  • Contains shellfish