Environmentally Friendly Celebration White Wine

Environmentally Friendly Celebration White Wine

10 L

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Caballo Oscuro Eco-Friendly Viura Chardonnay Boxed White Wine

Delight in the fresh and aromatic Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay White, presented in our environmentally conscious 10-litre box. Chosen from the esteemed vineyards of the Cariñena PDO region in Spain, this white wine is a testament to our commitment to both quality and sustainability.

Eco-Smart Packaging: Our innovative boxed wine option considerably reduces the carbon footprint associated with the transport of traditional wine bottles. By choosing our boxed wine, you support a more sustainable wine experience, with packaging that's lighter, recyclable, and designed to preserve the freshness and integrity of the wine inside.

Tasting Journey: Cariñena's vineyards, flourishing on the rocky terrain that lends the name 'Wine of Stones', enjoy a climate marked by intense seasonal shifts. This challenging environment imbues the Viura Chardonnay with its distinct character. In 2022 we once again saw a relatively mild winter and rainy spring, but then there was very little rain for the whole of a very long, hot summer so the harvest was a fortnight earlier than usual, of healthy, properly ripened grapes.

In your glass, anticipate a bright composition, where aromas of tropical pineapple, ripe peach, and a whisper of jasmine elegantly fuse. Each sip offers a dance of flavors, from the weighty maturity of old bush vines to the zesty liveliness of younger trellised vines, with a splash of Muscat to enhance the aromatic bouquet. The result is a white wine that appeals to a broad range of palates, including those typically fond of reds.

Versatility at the Table: This Viura Chardonnay is perfectly poised to complement an array of culinary delights or to be enjoyed as a stand-alone refresher. Its nuanced profile is often praised as the ideal white wine for connoisseurs who usually prefer the complexities of a red.

With our Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay Boxed White Wine, you're invited to experience a harmonious blend of environmental care, quality, and convenience. Elevate your festive celebrations with a wine that's as kind to the earth as it is to your senses.

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutritional Information

ABV 12.5 %
Year 2022
Grape Viura, Chardonnay, Muscat
Tasting Notes In conclusion, the Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay presents a delightful mélange of varietal characteristics. The Viura offers a crisp acidity and lean structure, creating a refreshing backbone. The Chardonnay complements this with its full-bodied richness, contributing layers of tropical fruit notes that give the wine a satisfying weight on the palate. A touch of Muscat infuses an enchanting floral perfume that elevates the wine's aroma, making each sip a discovery of nuanced fragrances. Together, these grapes harmonize to produce a white wine that is both complex and approachable, with a lingering finish that invites another taste. This wine encapsulates the essence of its terroir, delivering an expressive and well-crafted vinous experience.


  • Contains sulphites