Environmentally Friendly Celebration Red Wine
    Environmentally Friendly Celebration Red Wine
    Environmentally Friendly Celebration Red Wine

Environmentally Friendly Celebration Red Wine

10 L

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Caballo Oscuro Eco-Friendly Garnacha Boxed Red Wine

Introducing our Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Red, a sustainable celebration wine that marries environmental responsibility with impeccable taste. Perfect for keeping the festive spirit flowing, this red wine variant, exclusively imported from family-run vineyards in the Cariñena PDO region of Spain, now comes in a convenient and eco-friendly 10-litre box.

Why Choose Boxed? Transporting traditional wine bottles generates a significant carbon footprint, not only due to the weight of the glass but also the production and recycling process. Our boxed wine solution significantly reduces this environmental impact with lightweight packaging that's easily recyclable, ensuring you enjoy your wine sustainably.

Tasting Profile: This Garnacha is a true expression of its terroir, renowned as the 'Wine of Stones' due to the stony soils of its origin. The unique climate of Cariñena, with its hot summers, cold winters, and the cleansing 'cierzo' wind, bestows this wine with a robust personality. The 2022 vintage came from a mild winter and a rainy spring, followed by a dry, hot summer, leading to an early harvest of perfectly ripened grapes.

In your glass, you will find a vibrant deep red color, an inviting aroma of ripe blackberries, and cherries with an alluring touch of black pepper. The palate is greeted with a light yet juicy flavor profile, robust with a lush fruit-forward presence, culminating in a long, satisfying finish. This boxed Garnacha not only promises to keep your celebrations rich and lively but also stays fresh long after opening, ensuring you can savor every drop at your leisure.

Serving Suggestions: This versatile red is an excellent accompaniment to a variety of dishes or can be savored on its own. It holds a special appeal for those who appreciate a nuanced red wine with character and depth.

Make a toast to quality, convenience, and sustainability with our Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Boxed Red Wine – the ideal choice for an eco-friendly celebration.

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutritional Information

ABV 14.0 %
Year 2022
Tasting Notes The Caballo Oscuro Old Vine Garnacha elegantly captures the essence of its ancient terroir. It offers a vibrant tapestry of deep red hues, layered aromas of ripe blackberries, cherries, and a whisper of black pepper. On the palate, it delivers a full-bodied richness with a pronounced fruit presence leading to a broad palate and a finish that is both long and juicily persistent, sans astringency. This wine stands as a robust homage to the timeless Garnacha grape, a delightful addition to any table or collection.


  • Contains sulphites