Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Syrah 2022

Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Syrah 2022

750 mL

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Caballo Oscuro Garnacha  Syrah 2022 - A Testament to Timeless Terroir

Step into the essence of the Ebro valley with the formerly named Caballo Oscuro Old Vine Garnacha, a dry red wine that is both a tribute to its storied origins and a celebration of vinicultural artistry. Sourced from venerable vines that have witnessed the passage of time, this Garnacha is a deep dive into the soul of Spain's most cherished wine regions.

From the Heart of the Ebro: Meandering through the landscape of north eastern Spain, the Ebro river is a lifeline for a mosaic of wine-growing regions known for their Garnacha. From the hallowed soils of Rioja to the storied terrains of Navarra and beyond, the river's journey through these lands has given rise to wines that encapsulate the vibrancy and spirit of the Mediterranean.

Vintage Virtues: In 2022 we once again saw a relatively mild winter and rainy spring, but then there was very little rain for the whole of a very long, hot summer so the harvest was a fortnight earlier than usual, of healthy, properly ripened grapes.

A Palette of Flavors: In the glass, the Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Syrah exhibits a deep, penetrating red, signaling the concentrated hues from old vines. Approach the bouquet and be captivated by robust scents of fresh blackberries and ripe cherries, punctuated by a peppery spice that beckons further exploration. The palate is greeted with a full-bodied richness, where the lush fruit leads the charge towards a broad, yet finely structured flavour profile. Each sip concludes with a long, juicy finish that lingers with intent, a testament to the wine's graceful maturity without the intrusion of harsh tannins.

Imbibe with Intention: At 14% alcohol, this Old Vine Garnacha stands as a robust yet accessible red, ready to elevate any dining experience or to be savoured on its own. It's a wine that respects its lineage, embodies its environment, and promises to be as enduring as the ancient vines it hails from.

Indulge in the Caballo Oscuro Old Vine Garnacha and uncork a bottle of history, one that flows as richly as the river that nourishes its roots.

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ABV 14.0 %
Year 2022
Tasting Notes The Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Syrah 2022 elegantly captures the essence of its ancient terroir. It offers a vibrant tapestry of deep red hues, layered aromas of ripe blackberries, cherries, and a whisper of black pepper. On the palate, it delivers a full-bodied richness with a pronounced fruit presence leading to a broad palate and a finish that is both long and juicily persistent, sans astringency. This wine stands as a robust homage to the timeless Garnacha grape, a delightful addition to any table or collection.


  • Contains sulphites