Añana Salt Flakes 500g

Añana Salt Flakes 500g

Net Weight: 500 g

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🌟 Experience the pure crystalline wonder of Sal de Añana, harvested from the historic Salt Valley of Salinas de Añana—one of the most distinguished salt pans on the planet. Sprinkle a touch of mineral-rich flavor into your cuisine with our 500g pack of this gastronomic treasure.

  • 🌊 Sourced from the heart of the Basque Country, each grain embodies the essence of a 200 million-year-old seabed, capturing flavors that are both ancient and sublime.
  • Handcrafted on over 5,000 sun-drenched platforms, our salt is a testament to eco-friendly and sustainable practices that yield culinary gold through solar evaporation.
  • The intricate network of wooden channels in our salt gardens ensures that every crystal is bathed in the purity of natural saltwater, right to the furthest reaches of the Salt Valley.
  • Endorsed by Michelin-starred legends—with a combined 22 stars—such as Martin Berasategui and Joan Roca, Sal de Añana brings you the salt of choice for the world’s culinary masters.

✨ Revel in the unmatched quality and flavor that has won the hearts of top chefs and food connoisseurs alike. Elevate your dishes with the pristine taste of Sal de Añana.

Recommended Storage: Keep in a cool, dry place to maintain the perfection of each salt crystal.

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Ingredients: Basque salt,


  • Contains