Quinta do Ataíde, Vinha do Arco Douro, 75cl, 2015

Quinta do Ataíde, Vinha do Arco Douro, 75cl, 2015

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Quinta do Ataíde wines are made from organically farmed grapes grown on this fine 81-hectare vineyard that is situated in the remote Vilariça Valley of the Douro Superior. The Vilariça is a unique location, having a softly undulating landscape of traditional Douro schist based soils, mixed with some alluvial clay, that helps preserve moisture for the vines.

The Ataíde grapes are picked into 20kgs boxes which are taken to the Adega de Reservas winery at Quinta do Sol. On arrival, the bunches are hand sorted and then gently destemmed, after which the berries are placed into a small container that is lifted to the top of the fermentation tank, thus avoiding any form of pumping. Only then are the berries crushed as they fall into the tank. Fermentations are monitored individually and temperatures and maceration procedures; plunging, pumping over and delestage, are adjusted in accordance with each fermenting tank in order to maximize the grapes potential. Once alcoholic fermentation is concluded, post-fermentation macerations are employed so as to extract mature, soft tannins from the pips. Some of the Quinta do Ataíde ‘Vinha do Arco’ grapes are fermented in new French oak barriques, the maceration being effected by plunging with ‘macacos’ and by hand, resulting in wines with great structure and body.

Lovely floral essence of roses, reflecting the Touriga Nacional. Very well defined, fresh black fruit aromas with soft liquorice and bergamot notes. Fleshy palate with ripples of expressive plum and black cherry flavours keep in step with superbly integrated peppery tannins. Well rendered, balanced structure with understated wood. Will develop magnificently in bottle.

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  • Contains sulphites