Montesinos Murcial al Vino D.O.P
    Montesinos Murcial al Vino D.O.P

Montesinos Murcial al Vino D.O.P

Net Weight: 2.5 kg

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Indulge in the Exquisite Taste of Montesinos Murcia al Vino Cheese

🧀 Crafted from the finest pasteurised goat's milk of the revered Murciano-Granadina goats, this cheese is a delicacy for the palette. The goats, thriving in the warm Murcia climate amidst wild herbs, produce milk that culminates in this silky cheese.

💃 Marvel at the rich hues of its rind, thanks to a thorough wash in the prestigious red wines of Jumilla. This intricate process gives our Murcia al Vino cheese its signature deep crimson exterior and entices with a delicate wine scent.

✨ Only aged for two months, this cheese retains a delightfully creamy and mildly sweet flavor profile. Its creamy and springy texture blends harmoniously with a slightly salty and tangy edge, all rounded off with a subtle infusion of red wine aroma.

Why You'll Love Our Cheese:

  • P.D.O. certified – ensuring authentic regional quality
  • Perfectly paired with aromatic white wines
  • Sustainably aged for the ideal creamy taste and texture

🍷 Our Murcia al Vino is a cheese aficionado's dream accessory to your gourmet spread. While the rind is not intended for consumption, it encases a world of flavor waiting to be unveiled.

Product Details for the Perfect Experience:

  • Weight: 2.5Kg piece
  • Storage: Once opened, keep well wrapped and store between 4°C and 8°C
  • Shelf Life: Enjoy within 1 year

Entice your taste buds and elevate your cheese board - add this artisanal Murcia al Vino cheese to your cart today! 🛒

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