Tack Room London Dry Gin 45%

Tack Room London Dry Gin 45%

750 mL

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Discover the essence of adventure with our London Dry Gin, a modern tribute to the ancient Eastern spice trade route. Crafted with a meticulous selection of 14 botanicals, this gin bursts with the freshness of citrus and the depth of rich spices. Its exceptionally smooth and invigorating profile makes it an ideal choice for crafting exquisite cocktails or elevating the classic G&T experience.

For the ultimate enjoyment, savor it neat over ice, or pair it with a high-quality tonic water. Add a slice of red grapefruit to accentuate its warm, citrusy notes. Elevate your brunch with our gin's luxurious twist — a splendid Breakfast Martini that promises a taste of indulgence. This gin isn't just a drink; it's a journey through history and flavor.

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ABV 45.0 %


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