La Chinata Green Olive Tapenade
    La Chinata Green Olive Tapenade

La Chinata Green Olive Tapenade

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Indulge in the Mediterranean with this AUTHENTIC MEDITERRANEAN GREEN TAPENADE, made from Spanish green olives and all natural ingredients. 

This delicious spread adds a burst of flavor to toasted bread with slices of ham, or can be used in meat boards, sandwiches, or with roasted vegetables.

Whether it originated in Provence or any other olive-producing country, tapenade or olive paste holds a special place in our hearts with its easy preparation and fantastic taste. La Chinata Olive Tapenade is enriched with Sapnish extra-virgin olive oil, ensuring a bold and robust olive flavor in every bite.

Pair it with toasted sourdough for a delectable appetizer, or incorporate it into your favorite dishes like dressings, pasta sauces, stews, pizza, white fish, white meats, or roasted vegetables for a burst of flavor.

Discover the transformative power of La Chinata Tapenade and elevate your meals with its intense flavor.


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