Herpac Mojama de Atun
    Herpac Mojama de Atun
    Herpac Mojama de Atun

Herpac Mojama de Atun

Net Weight: 250 g

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🌊 Immerse yourself in the flavors of Andalusia with our exquisite Mojama de Atún. This premium loin of tuna, masterfully cured in salt for 48 hours, captures the essence of traditional Spanish cuisine.

Following its meticulous salting process, the tuna is gently washed and dried using an ancient natural technique. Welcoming the temperate winds of the Strait of Gibraltar, each piece develops a rich and nuanced flavor profile.

Herpac, our esteemed producer, is renowned for their unwavering commitment to artisanal methods. Their process is pure and simple—employing only salt, the passage of time, and the crisp Atlantic breezes in the creation of this gastronomic masterpiece.

Here’s what makes our Mojama de Atún a must-try delicacy:

  • 🐟 Crafted with the finest tuna loins for a truly authentic taste.
  • 🧂 Cured solely with natural sea salt, allowing the quality of the fish to shine.
  • 💨 Dried by the historic winds that define the unique flavor and texture.

Cut into thin slices akin to Serrano ham, Mojama de Atún is best enjoyed drizzled with olive oil, adorned with ripe tomatoes, and a spritz of lemon juice. Whether you’re looking to enhance your tapas game or simply savor a unique treat, the complex blend of salty and sweet notes is guaranteed to tantalize your taste buds.

🍽️ Elevate your appetizer spread with this unique tapas treasure and transport your guests to the sunny coasts of Spain with every bite!

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutritional Information


Ingredients: Tuna (Thunnus albacares), salt,


  • Contains fish
Energy KJ 802Kj
Energy kcal 189Kcal
  of which saturates
Carbohydrate <0.1g<
(of which sugars) <0.1g<
Protein 42.6g
Salt 6.4g