El Angel Smoked Paprika Picante 500g
    El Angel Smoked Paprika Picante 500g

El Angel Smoked Paprika Picante 500g

Net Weight: 500 g

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🌶️ Elevate your culinary creations with our authentic Spanish Paprika, direct from the heart of Extremadura, Spain. Each 500g bag is packed with the flavors and traditions that have seasoned Spanish dishes for generations.

Authentic Origin: Our Pimenton is crafted with a blend of ocales, jaranda, jariza, jeromin, and bola red pepper varieties, exclusively grown in the fertile soils of Extremadura.

Artisanal Smoking & Grinding: Smoked meticulously by local growers and milled using ancient stone techniques, our paprika offers a coarse, smoky texture with a gentle warmth that enlivens your dishes.

Robust Flavor & Rich Color: Boasting vibrant hues and a bold flavor profile, our Spanish Paprika is not just a spice—it's the secret behind the iconic chorizo sausages and lomo iberico.

Versatile Kitchen Staple: A must-have for perfect paella, our Pimenton also transforms stews, chicken, pasta sauces, BBQ marinades, dips, dressings, and the beloved patatas bravas. The possibilities are endless!

🍲 How to Use: For an authentic paella, sprinkle the paprika as you fry the rice in oil, creating a foundational flavor that's nothing short of magical.

Quality Packaging: Your Spanish Paprika arrives in a 500g bag, designed to keep it fresh. Store in a cool, dry place and let the essence of Spain make every meal a celebration. 🎉

Indulge in the taste of Spain, add our Spanish Paprika to your kitchen today, and impress with every bite! 😋

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Ingredients: Dried pepper, spicy varieties (99%), sunflower oil,


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