El Angel Smoked Paprika Dulce 500g
    El Angel Smoked Paprika Dulce 500g

El Angel Smoked Paprika Dulce 500g

Net Weight: 500 g

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Experience the Essence of Spain in Every Dish 🥘

Immerse your palate in the authentic smoky flavor of our premium Spanish Paprika (Pimenton), meticulously crafted in the heart of Extremadura. Renowned for its indispensable role in Spanish cuisine, this spice will elevate your cooking to new culinary heights.

  • Expertly sourced from a blend of red pepper varieties including ocales, jaranda, jariza, jeromin, and bola.
  • Traditionally smoked and stone-ground to preserve the vibrant aroma and rich taste.
  • A staple in a myriad of Spanish dishes, from the essential paella to the spiced chorizo sausage.

Authentic Flavor, Versatile Use 💃

The smoky depth of flavor is not limited to paella alone. Unleash your creativity by infusing this potent paprika into:

  • Hearty stews and savory pasta sauces
  • Mouthwatering marinades and bold barbecue rubs
  • Enchanting dressings and dips for an exotic touch

Details & Storage 🌶️

Packaged in a generous 500g Bag, ensuring you have enough to spice up countless meals. To maintain its unique flavor and potency, store in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

Add this culinary treasure to your kitchen arsenal and infuse a burst of Spanish fervor into your dishes today!

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Ingredients: Dry pepper, sweet varieties (99%), sunflower oil,


  • Contains