Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay 2022

Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay 2022

750 mL

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Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay 2022 - A Harmonious Blend from the Ebro Valley

Step into the essence of the Carinena region with the Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay, a dry white wine that artfully balances tradition with a modern twist. This blend is a testament to the synergy between the crisp Viura, the opulent Chardonnay, and the perfumed whispers of Muscat.

Viticultural Voyage: Navigating through the fertile expanses of the Ebro Valley, this wine is a child of the river that nourishes some of Spain's most diverse viticultural areas. From the celebrated Rioja to the coastal caress of Tarragona, the Ebro's influence is as varied as it is profound, lending this wine its distinct sense of place.

Crafting Balance: The Viura's innate acidity provides a backbone, a canvas primed for the rich strokes of Chardonnay which lend body and depth. Meanwhile, Muscat's floral notes flirt with the senses, creating a blend that is both structured and delightfully aromatic.

Vintage Character: In 2022 we once again saw a relatively mild winter and rainy spring, but then there was very little rain for the whole of a very long, hot summer so the harvest was a fortnight earlier than usual, of healthy, properly ripened grapes.

A Sensory Mosaic: Delight in the bouquet of ripe fruits, where pineapple and peach are adorned with jasmine and a hint of greenery. The palate is rewarded with the substance of old bush vines, the zest of trellised Viura, and a hint of Muscat's fragrance, culminating in a wine that is both sumptuous and invigorating.

A Toast to Conscious Enjoyment: With an alcohol content of 12.5%, and vegan-friendly credentials, the Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay is crafted for those who seek pleasure in purity. Serve well-chilled to elevate any occasion, from a casual gathering to a refined culinary experience.

Indulge in the Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay, where every glass poured is an ode to the rich tapestry of Spanish winemaking.

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ABV 12.5 %
Year 2022
Grape Viura, Chardonnay, Muscat
Tasting Notes In conclusion, the Caballo Oscuro Viura Chardonnay presents a delightful mélange of varietal characteristics. The Viura offers a crisp acidity and lean structure, creating a refreshing backbone. The Chardonnay complements this with its full-bodied richness, contributing layers of tropical fruit notes that give the wine a satisfying weight on the palate. A touch of Muscat infuses an enchanting floral perfume that elevates the wine's aroma, making each sip a discovery of nuanced fragrances. Together, these grapes harmonize to produce a white wine that is both complex and approachable, with a lingering finish that invites another taste. This wine encapsulates the essence of its terroir, delivering an expressive and well-crafted vinous experience.


  • Contains sulphites