Caballo Oscuro Reserva 2017

Caballo Oscuro Reserva 2017

750 mL

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Caballo Oscuro Reserva 2016 - A Legacy of the Ebro Valley

Embrace the richness of time with the Caballo Oscuro Reserva, a dry red wine that stands as a monument to the age-old traditions of Spanish winemaking. This Reserva is a harmonious composition, a reflection of the patient transformation of Garnacha grapes under the tempering influence of American oak.

Rooted in History: Tracing the lifeblood of northeast Spain, the Ebro river weaves through the heart of the nation's most illustrious wine-growing regions. This journey, which begins in the shadow of Rioja and unfolds through the diverse terroirs of Navarra, Campo de Borja, Calatayud, Cariñena, and down to the sun-kissed Mediterranean shores, has fostered vines that give birth to wines with stories to tell.

Evolution in a Bottle: The 2017 vintage captures the maturity of Garnacha, a varietal that deepens in character and complexity with time. Extended aging in American oak barrels bestows upon this Reserva a spectrum of sophisticated notes - from the spice of ancient markets to the subtle smokiness of a distant flame, creating a profile that intrigues and enchants.

Sensory Journey: This Reserva showcases the layered transformation of Garnacha, starting with a nose rich in cooked fruits that segues into a garden of mint and herbs, finally culminating in a gentle waft of smoke. The palate is a testament to balance: a soft, fruity entry, bolstered by a lively acidity and a robust structure, all converging into a long, commanding finish.

A Toast to Time: With an alcohol content of 14.5%, the Caballo Oscuro Reserva is a bold yet graceful companion to a myriad of culinary experiences, or a poignant pleasure when savored on its own. It's not just a wine; it's an odyssey that pays homage to the enduring spirit of Garnacha and the timeless craft of the winemaker's barrel.

Uncork the legacy of the Ebro valley with Caballo Oscuro Reserva and let each sip convey you through the annals of Spanish viticulture.

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ABV 14.5 %
Year 2017
Grape Garnacha Cabernet Sauvinon
Tasting Notes The Caballo Oscuro Reserva 2017 offers an alluring complexity with matured fruitiness and an elegant interplay of mint, herbaceousness, and a soft smokiness from its sojourn in American oak. The palate is graced with a harmonious blend of ripe fruit, poised acidity, and a substantial structure, leading to a satisfyingly extended finish. This Reserva is a true testament to the depth and sophistication achievable through the careful aging of fine Garnacha.


  • Contains sulphites