Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé 2022

Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé 2022

750 mL

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Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé 2022 - The Epitome of Dry Rosé Elegance

Step into a realm where the delicate meets the dynamic with the Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé. This dry Rosé wine captures the essence of the Garnacha grape, a traditional varietal that flourishes along the fertile banks of the Ebro Valley. Its ability to traverse the spectrum from light and airy to rich and robust is showcased through a meticulous winemaking process where the skins impart their color for mere minutes, resulting in a beautifully faint yet enchanting rosé hue.

A Journey Along the Ebro: The Ebro River, a lifeline to the Mediterranean, nourishes a diversity of wine-growing regions with its precious waters. From the renowned Rioja to the storied lands of Navarra, Campo de Borja, Calatayud, Cariñena, and beyond, this river supports the creation of wines that are as varied as the landscapes they hail from.

The Character of the 2022 Vintage: In 2022 we once again saw a relatively mild winter and rainy spring, but then there was very little rain for the whole of a very long, hot summer so the harvest was a fortnight earlier than usual, of healthy, properly ripened grapes.

Sensory Invitation: The Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé is a visual poetry with its pale pink allure and violet whispers. Its bouquet is a celebration of spring, with strawberries and blooms in the air, followed by a subtle creamy undertone. On the palate, it greets you with a crisp acidity that enlivens the senses, carrying forth a bounty of fruit with a delightful persistence. A quintessential summer companion, this Rosé promises to bring a refreshing zest to any gathering.

Details at a Glance:

  • Alcohol: 13.5%
  • Vegan-Friendly
  • Serve well chilled for optimal enjoyment

Discover the grace and poise of the Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé, a wine that speaks of its territory with every sip. Invite this bottle into your collection and cherish the moments it creates.

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutritional Information

ABV 13.5 %
Year 2022
Tasting Notes The Caballo Oscuro Garnacha Rosé is a symphony of subtlety and vibrance, a dry Rosé that doesn't merely whisper but converses with the senses. It's an ideal choice for those who appreciate a Rosé that balances the fruity exuberance of youth with the understated complexity of maturity.


  • Contains sulphites