Blandy's 5 Year Old Reserva Maderia

Blandy's 5 Year Old Reserva Maderia

500 mL

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Overview: Discover the exquisite taste of Blandy's 5-Year-Old Reserva Madeira, a wine steeped in history and tradition. The Blandy family, unique among the original founders of the Madeira wine trade, continues to own and manage their wine company since 1811. With unwavering dedication to the craft, Blandy's wines are a testament to the rich heritage of Madeira wine making.

Vinification: This Reserva Madeira is meticulously crafted through a fermentation process off the skins using natural yeast, conducted in temperature-controlled stainless steel tanks at 18°C - 21°C. Fortification with grape brandy is performed approximately 48 hours into fermentation, achieving the desired sweetness level.

Aging Process: The wine is aged for 5 years in American oak casks using the traditional 'Canteiro' system. This method involves the gradual heating of the wine within the lofts of the lodges in Funchal, progressively moving the casks from the top to cooler ground floors. Racking and fining precede the final blending and bottling.

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ABV 19.0 %
Grape Blend of Malmsey and Bual
Tasting Notes Sweet, rich, smooth, and full-bodied, harmoniously balanced by fine acidity. The long aftertaste presents notes of honey and spicy oak.
Aging Aged for 5 years in American oak casks, Blandy's Reserva is matured using the traditional 'Canteiro' system. The wine is gently heated in the lofts of the lodges in Funchal and gradually moved from the top to cooler ground floors over the years. It is then racked, fined, blended, and bottled.


  • Contains sulphites