Arturo Sánchez Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota 50g
    Arturo Sánchez Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota 50g

Arturo Sánchez Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota 50g

Net Weight: 50 g

Product information



Indulge in the authentic taste of Spain with Arturo Sánchez's Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota, a premium cured sausage crafted for the discerning palate.

🌟 Experience Gourmet Quality:

  • Made from the finest acorn-fed, free-range Ibérico pork.
  • Expertly seasoned with smoked paprika and garlic.
  • Aged over 4 months in Guijuelo's pristine mountain air.

🍷 Perfect Pairing:

  • Savor with a glass of exquisite Spanish wine for an elevated tasting experience.
  • Indulge in the melt-in-your-mouth richness that pairs perfectly with tapas.

Exclusive Ibérico Heritage:

  • Exclusively from black Ibérico pigs unique to Spain, renowned for their ability to infuse fat with exceptional flavor.
  • Only noble cuts like Pluma, Secreto, and Presa used for a superior chorizo.
  • Acorn diet ensures a distinctive nutty flavor signature to the Dehesas of Spain.

Artisanal Craftsmanship:

  • Hand-filled to preserve centuries-old Spanish chorizo-making traditions.
  • Delights with a soft, sweet, and well-balanced flavor profile.

🌡️ Ideal Serving Suggestions:

  • Serve at approx. 20°C to highlight the oleic acid's flavor-boosting properties.
  • Allow slices to breathe for 30 minutes after opening for optimum taste.
  • For an instant temperature rise, run the pack under hot water and serve on a warm plate.

Gourmet Tip:

  • Accompany with high-quality crusty bread and a bottle of Pittacum Barrica for the ultimate indulgence.

Our ready-to-enjoy Chorizo Ibérico de Bellota comes thinly sliced in a vacuum-packed tray, ensuring peak freshness. Store refrigerated between 0 and 6 ºC, and savor within 1 week of opening using the resealable pouch.💫

Ingredients, Allergens & Nutritional Information


Ingredients: Meat & fat from Ibérico pork, salt, paprika, garlic, oregano, dextrin, dextrose, sugar, acidity regulator  (E-331iii), preservatives (E-252, E-250), antioxidant (E-392),


  • Contains
Energy KJ 1787Kj
Energy kcal 430Kcal
  of which saturates
Carbohydrate 2.2g
(of which sugars) 1.2g
Protein 30.2g
Salt 4.8g