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White Wines

While the Iberian Peninsula is most notable for its red wines, their white wines are just as exceptional. The dynamic region is behind some of the most exciting, food friendly and summer-ready white wines around with Spanish wines perfect for pairing with seafood and crisp, light Portuguese white wines coupling with almost any dish.

Our Selection

caballo oscuro white wine

Caballo Oscuro Vuira Cahrdonnay 2018

A dry white wine with aromas of fresh fruits and a hint of jasmine and grassiness on the nose.  The palate has the weight of the older bush vine wines from the hills, combined with the freshness of younger trellised Viura.  A touch of Muscat adds to the aromatics to make an attractive and very drinkable wine.  Serve well chilled

Albarino white wine

Torres Pazo das Bruxas Albariño 2018

Delicious on the palate. A full bodied, complex, fresh and fruity white with soft echoes of the coast.. It will take you back to where you most enjoyed being. Dry and enjoyable