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Sparkling Wines

Proof that champagne isn't the only bubbly worth toasting to, our Spanish sparkling wines deserve all the celebratory credit with diverse grape varietals so unique they can be a surprise to even the most routine sparkling wine drinker. Cava is the most popular sparkling wine of Spain and one of the country's most famous wines, with its name coming from the Spanish word for “cave,” referring to the cellars where the wines age.

Our Selection

vermouth red wine

Caballo Oscuro Cava Brut Nature

A pale, straw yellow Sparkling White Wine.  Exceptionally clear aromas of peaches and apricots, with touches of freshly-baked bread.  Luscious, well-balanced palate, with a hint of honey.  Excellent as an aperitif or with food.  Serve well-chilled.
white vermouth wine

Caballo Oscuro Cava Brut Rosé

Bright pink in colour, with a hint of terracotta from the ageing.  The nose has aromas of ripe berries, with a hint of strawberry jam.  There are scents of yeast and breads, with a touch of creaminess.  Beguilingly reminiscent of a fresh fruit pie, with a good balance between sweetness and acidity.  Serve well-chilled.