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Sherries by Gonzales Byass

Gonzalez Byass are one of Spain's oldest Sherry wineries producing a diverse range of traditional and modern wines..

Sherry Gonzalez Byass

The vineyards in Jerez are unique to the area, making their selections of sherry our favourite. The soil in Jerez is majority Albariza. a white soil which contains up to 60% chalk. Therefore it has a large capacity for maintaining moisture, very important given the long, hot and dry summers as irrigation is prohibited. The area has a unique microclimate influenced by the  surrounding Atlantic ocean and the rivers Guadalquivir and Guadalete. The prevailing winds are moist and warm, and now and again dry and hot Levante winds from north Africa. Temperatures are warm, with an average of 70% humidity and annual rainfall of 600 liters/m2. The harvest in Jerez begins mid August and generally lasts for 3 weeks maximum. These conditions make their selections of sherry some of the finest in the world.

Our Selection

Oloroso Sherry

Tio Pepe Fino en Rama Saco 2021

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The 2021 release of Tio Pepe en Rama builds on this exciting tradition. Made without clarification or filtration, this En Rama seeks to emulate the experience of tasting Tio Pepe straight from the cask and is super-fresh and super-charged with flavour.

Oloroso Sherry

Alfonso, Oloroso Seco

Alfonso shows a golden amber colour, with round intense aromas with the nuttiness of the Palomino standing out. Dryish on the palate flavourful and structured with a long and complex aftertaste and slight vanilla touches with a surprising sweet note on the finish.

Palo Cortado Sherry

Leonor, Palo Cortado

Leonor Palo Cortado is the latest addition to the superior range. Aged for over 12 years it has fine aromas of wood, vanilla and almonds. The palate is nutty and perfectly integrated with a long finish. Ideal with mature cheeses, good ham and nuts but also stands up well to red meats.

Gonzalez Byass sherry

Solera 1847, Oloroso Dulce

A superior dark cream sherry aged for around nine years. On the nose aromas of raisins, vanilla, oak and slight hints of hazelnuts, Solera 1847 has a velvety palate, a delicate wine with a smooth reminder of dates and raisins finishing with touches of caramel and oak and a subtle note of nuts.