La Copa Rojo Vermouth

La Copa Rojo Vermouth

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Vermouth La Copa Rojo by Gonzalez Byass
In Gonzalez Byass we have references to Vermouth dating back to 1896.The inventory books show,the existence of Vermouth between 1896 and 1926. Firstly in the section of foreign wines and then as of 1909 included in the bottling business from various regions. Vermouth La Copa is based on an original recipe and design dating back to 1906 retrieved from our historic archives. PRODUCTION
La Copa brand was one of the first to be registered by Gonzalez Byass dating back to 1884. The production follows the original recipe from 1906 and the packaging is a replica of the original label. La Copa is produced from fine Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez soleras which are more than 8 years old.A meticulous selection of botanicals is carried out, with the aim of achieving the perfect bitter-sweet, aromatic balance.
Within this La Copa Rojo Vermouth  by Gonzalez Byass, the principal botanicals used are wormwood, savory, clove and cinnamon. The proportion of botanicals used is a closely guarded secret, kept under lock and key in the winery. WINEMAKER’S COMMENTS
Intense spiced aroma, notes of clove and cinnamon stand out, with an elegant bitterness on the finish. On the palate it is smooth and elegant. There can be no doubt as to its origins in Jerez.
The perfect aperitif to revive the classic’Vermouth moment’. Enjoy La Copa Rojo Vermouth by Gonzalez Byass well chilled, on its own or with soda and crushed ice. Vermouth is a key ingredient in many of the best cocktail recipes.
Produced from fine Oloroso and Pedro Ximenez soleras of more than 8 years old .
ALCOHOL:    15.5%

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