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Grahams Crusted Port 2013




This Grahams Crusted Port 2013 has a deep ruby colour and the nose is a complex aroma of black fruits and hints of mint and eucalyptus. Made from a selection of very fine young Ports from two or three harvests sourced from Graham’s own Quintas. The wines from these different vineyards and harvests are blended together and matured in oak casks for up to two years prior to being bottled without any fining or filtration. Once bottled, the wine is matured for a minimum of a further three years in the Graham’s cellars.

By the time Graham’s Crusted Port is released it has gained the superb elegance and style that a great Port gains from time in bottle. The date featured on the label is the date of bottling, not the harvest date. Graham’s is one of the few Port companies still making these very fine Ports. Grahams Crusted Port 2013 possesses many of the characteristics of Declared or Single Quinta Vintage Ports and can benefit from being bottle-aged for a further five years or more.

Invigorating aromas of fresh fruits of the forest mingle with fragrant eucalyptus notes. Great vitality reveals sumptuous blackberry flavours with ripples of licorice. Remarkable purity of fruit married with fine, peppery tannins, provide superb structure and balance. As the wine develops a deposit or ‘crust’, it needs decanting before serving. A good match with chocolate desserts and a wide range of semi-cured and cured cheeses. Ready to drink.


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