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Caballo Oscuro Cava Brut Nature




Caballo Oscuro Cava Brut Nature

Developed from a traditional ‘Champán’ that was made in many parts of Spain, this Cava from the Penedès region shows a clear character which is unique and has adapted to modern tastes in wine  whilst maintaining the traditional bottle fermentation.

Cava is made from three different grape varieties, Macabeo, Xarel·lo and Parellada. Each of these grapes brings a specific characteristic to the base wines. Macabeo gives a clear acidic skeleton structure, Xarel·lo provides the flesh and body, while Parellada adds attractiveness and personality of fruit. A blend of these characteristics is bottled and then ferments again, before ageing for a minimum of 9 months in bottle. After a time, the yeasts in the bottle will begin to decompose, conferring a range of other flavours to the wine. The longer the wine is left on the “lees”, the more these type of flavours will dominate

The grapes are hand picked into small crates, and then taken to the winery where they are pressed. Each grape variety is fermented at around 16 to 18ºC to produce the base wine. A blend is then made, yeast and more sugar is added and the wine is bottled with a crown cap. In an underground cellar, the second fermentation takes place in the bottle, followed by 12 months ageing on the lees. Finally, the bottles are degorged to remove the yeasts and the bottled is topped up with the same wine, with no sugar being added.

This Caballo Oscuro Cava Brut Nature is pale straw yellow in colour. Exceptionally clear aromas of peaches and apricots, with touches of freshly-baked bread. Luscious, well-balanced palate, with a hint of honey. Excellent as an aperitif or with food.

Alcohol: 12%

Serve well-chilled.


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